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Barbering: our 1,000-hour Barbering program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for careers in the field of barbering. Learning opportunities develop academic and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes specialized training in safety, sanitation, hair treatments and manipulations, haircutting techniques, shaving, skin care, reception, sales, and management. Graduates of the barbering program will be eligible to sit for the State Board barbering license. Job opportunities include employment as a barber, salon/shop manager, or a salon/shop owner.

Barber Transfer: Our 200-hour Barber Crossover course for cosmetologists is designed to train all students in the principles and practices of the profession of barbering. Upon successful completion of the course each student will be properly prepared and trained to complete the State Board of Barbering examination.

Hair Design
At SABC, we’ll give you the tools to design the right look for different types of facial and hair features.

For example, you’ll learn the four basic forms of hair sculpture. Plus,
— braiding and up-do’s
— blow drying and curling irons
— wet styling with rollers, pin curls and finger waves
— hair coloring and permanent waving

Our program is designed to constantly move you forward by giving you a strong mix of theory and doing. Every day in the classroom will bring you closer to achieving your goal.