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Instructions for Distance Learning

Dear students,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we are taking precautions in keeping the staff and the students safe. For the record, there has been no confirmed case found on campus, but to reduce on-going concerns and potential risks, we have implemented an online platform for the courses that are currently provided.

Particularly, when enrolled to the online course, you can find theory contents, chapter quizzes and tests, practice videos and other necessary information for your education.

The steps to access and enroll to the online courses are simple. We will provide each student a user name and password together with your class access code (notice that each class will have a different access code) through your registered email. For students who do not have a registered email, contact the office to receive the user name and password. Please find enrolling steps below:

  1.       Go to the link :
  2.       Log in with provided user name and password
  3.       Under the “Enrolled” tab, click on “Enroll” button on the top right corner next to the calendarDistance Learning 2
  4.        Put in provided access code to be directed to your courseDistance Learning 1